Deworming 101

Having cared for thousands of birds over the years, we have experienced firsthand just about every illness and injury imaginable.  Without a vet in our area willing to treat our kinds of birds we had to learn quick. With intense research and determination we have had great success in treating many illnesses and injuries. We want to share our research, tips and tricks with you. Legal disclaimer. We are not trained vets and cannot offer a diagnosis or promise of cure. 

One of the most important things you can do for your bird is to deworm regularly. It is the first thing I do for a bird that has drooping wings and is lethargic. Every bird owner will run into worms. Left untreated and it is almost always deadly.

The good news is that worms are the easy to prevent and treat. Daily treatments are an important part of your dewormering practices and include adding diatomaceous earth to their food (2 tablespoon per gallon of dry food mix) and apple cider vinegar to their water (1 tablespoon per gallon.) 

Symptoms – Droopy wings, streaks or clumps of fecal matter on eggs, and laying on ground instead of foraging are easy to spot signs of a worm issue. 

Treatments – Dewomers can be poured on the skin to be absorbed into the body, added to their drinking water or given directly to the bird. I do not recommend dewormer pellets. Birds are extremely picky eaters and will inevitably pick out food they dont recognize and litter the ground with it. 

After Treatment – Because worms steal all the nutrients untreated birds will become anemic. Adding vitamins and electrolytes to their water after treatment is essential.  If you are putting the dewormer in their water, you can add the vitamins at the same time. 

Roundworms – There are a few different types of roundworms including threadworms, hairworms, and the large roundworm which is most common. Roundworms can be found anywhere in your chickens digestive system and you may be able to see the worms in your chicken’s droppings.

Gapeworms – These nasty fellas attach themselves to the trachea of the bird. A bird with Gapeworms will ‘gape’ which is where they appear to be gasping for air and will stretch their head and neck up to the sky. It is more common for these worms to be picked up through intermediate hosts such as worms, slugs, and snails.

Tapeworms – These worms attach themselves to the lining of the intestine. These are less common but can significantly weaken your bird’s immune system.


If your bird does have worms, this is what the poop will look like after treatment. Depending on how many worms they had this can last for anywhere from 1 to a dozen or more droppings like this.  They will eat the worms  if they see them. Stay alert since this only takes seconds. The worms start coming out quickly, so stick around and clean up messes right away, it could save their lives. 

<< These are eggs that you may see before deowmring. 

Add 3cc per gallon of drinking water  

Add 3cc per gallon of drinking water

Dilute 1:4 with water in spray bottle hold close to skin 3-6 pumps depending on size of bird

2 tbsp per gallon of mixed food daily for prevention

1 tbsp per gallon of water daily for prevention. ACV has many other health benefits we will also be sharing.

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