To ensure the highest fertility rates we will only sell eggs that are less than 3 days old. We don’t just send out the first eggs of the season either.  Instead, at the beginning of the season we incubate each egg and require 5 consecutive fertile  eggs from each hen before we will send out her eggs.  Each handsome fella gets a maximum of 4 hens and we actually track their “frisky time” to make sure each hen is getting enough attention.

Peafowl Hatching Eggs

India Blue Peacock Peafowl Hatching Eggs:  $20 

Leucistic White Peacock Peafowl Hatching Eggs: $37                                                                                          Pure white with blue eye. *Not Albino.

Black Shoulder Peacock Peafowl Hatching Eggs $25 

Spalding 75% Java Muticus Peacock Peafowl Hatching Eggs $ 45

Spalding Leucistic White Peacock Peafowl Hatching Eggs $ SOLD OUT                                                          Pure White Peafowl with distinctive yellow eye patches 

We are currently pre-selling our Peafowl and Pheasant hatching eggs. Once fertility has been verified we will ship out in order of purchase. Prices shown here are the lowest sale price from our most recent ebay auction.


**Free shipping on all orders of 4 or more peafowl eggs

Pheasant Hatching Eggs

Silver Pheasant Hatching Eggs $7 

Red Golden Pheasant Hatching Eggs $7

Chicken – Poultry Hatching Eggs

Micro Serama Silkied Tribble Hatching Eggs  10 eggs for $30

Silkied Sultan Hatching Eggs – 6 eggs for $25 This pair throws off some beautiful babies. The father is an all black frizzle while the hens are pure white with straight feathers. I get molten, splash, blue, spotted, streaked and even sometimes still all white or all black. These are really fun to hatch out and I get into trouble every year for over doing it. 

Pure White Sultan Hatching Eggs  – 6 eggs for $25

Talbot Polish Hatching Eggs – 6 eggs for $25

Silver Lace Polish Hatching Eggs – 6 for $25

White Crested Polish Hatching Eggs – 6 for $25

Talking Turkey!

Royal Palm Hatching Eggs – 6 eggs for $30